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Shibari or Kinbaku is the art of Japanese rope bondage, the eroticised and ritualised form of bondage. It surely is an art because the highly complex figures seem to be reserved for those with experience and practice.

This workshop is an attempt at honouring the Japanese tradition but yet finding anarchic ways of using the rope in order to enable inspiring, effective and pleasurable results in just a short time. It is an invitation to find out what you like about it. And a good entry point if you are interested in the Bondage Year Group.

Bondage can be sexy, aesthetic, playful, heart opening, meditative, scary, technical, rough or tender. The most important thing is the contact with your own and your partner’s body – because ultimately the ropes are an extension of your own energy.

In more than 10 years of practice with ropes, Kristina Marlen has developed a method that draws on her knowledge as a performer and dancer on the one hand, and her background as a physical therapist and body worker on the other. Moreover, as a sex worker, she has a clear understanding on why playing with restriction affects us so deeply in our erotic and sexual experience and sensation, our fantasies and dreams. This is a sexpositive workshop – yet bondage is not necessarily sexual, but can touch people on many other levels.

Bondage has a strong focus on interaction and the interplay between closeness and distance, power and powerlessness, care and control, eroticism and security. A sense for aesthetics and expression also plays a crucial role in Kristina Marlen’s work.

Marlen’s goal is to play with these elements and introduce ropes as an intensive form of communication.

The workshop is also a dance between

*the teaching of a solid technical basis for tying up with rope and

*the focus on improvisation, bodywork and understanding of movement, which I consider equally important to my method.

For more concrete bondage techniques please visit my Bondage Year Group!


  • Movement: How do I move the body, how do I understand mobility and limits, how do I move the body in the rope, how does the rope move the body, how do I move my own body when tying up? In my opinion, it is not enough to form the model’s body into an aesthetic image – the „riggers*“ (those who tie up) are always „part of the image“ – thus also part of the performance. Bondage is a dance, it takes both partners.
  • Rope knowledge and rope techniques (basics like single/double column tie, frictions, rope handling and tension, simple harnesses/shackles for upper body and legs)
  • Ichinawa – Techniques with a rope
  • Working in the area of tension between immobility and mobility: fast, restrictive restraints , dynamic changes, courage to take a break. With more confidence: the courage to improvise.
  • Communication and body language. How do I touch with rope, what story do I tell with the way I use it, how does tying the rope touch me? Consent. Confidence in our senses and impulses
  • experiencing anatomy and body knowledge
  • Presence and focus – why tying rope only makes sense when you are centered in yourself. Body exercises for centering yourself
  • Aesthetics and sense of shapes – the form of the spiral as a magical organizing principle
  • safety
  • Other contents depending on the progress of the group Marlen also improvises when teaching.

Thursday 2:30 pm – 8 pm
Friday 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday 11 am – 8 pm
Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

Beautiful studio in the 8th district of Vienna / Austria

Solidarity Rate: 480 Euro or a higher amount of your choice
Normal Rate: 460 Euro
Budget Rate: 440 Euro

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18. Mai 2023
21. Mai 2023
440.00Euro – 480.00Euro