„Flow, Freedom and Restraint“ –
Bondage Retreat on the volcanic island

„Water“ represents the power of emotions and diving a bit deeper. „Water, in Marlen’s elemental system, means getting to know the art and magic of restriction with ropes. With a view of the Atlantic Ocean, and being carried by its sound, you will have the opportunity of diving deeply into the world of bondage.

When your body is tied, your mind can be at rest. Your receptivity, your ability to perceive, is enhanced many times over. When your body is bound, your mind can find peace. Your receptivity, your abilities of perception, will be enhanced many times over. Being tied means feeling held and protected in a special way on the one hand, on the other, you are more exposed, give up parts of your self-control, show yourself. Being held in that experience is one of the magical experiences we can have as human beings.

Marlen has developed a special method of teaching rope bondage. By consistently focusing on your movement and flow while tying, awareness of your own body and that of your partner’s, even beginners can achieve inspiring, effective, and pleasurable results after just a short time. The rope becomes an extension of one’s own energy.

Bondage can be sexy, aesthetic, playful, heart-opening, meditative, scary, technical, raw, or gentle. This workshop is an invitation to discover what you like about it.

Methods of integrating rope-work into tantric massage will also be taught. Depending on the level and the progress of the group, we will also work with the suspension points, in order to expand the game into another dimension. Defying gravity, the bound body expands between heaven & earth.

We will start with basic techniques and will connect these from the very beginning to improvisation and flow, we will practice using our bodies and guiding the rope skillfully, will progress to more complex ties, and finally to the basics of suspension.

We will get to know our own body and those of our partners, we will play with rope in movement on the ground and against gravity. In between all that, there will be space for your feelings and processes around rope. The island and the ocean will enable your own personal journey and hold you as you travel, as will the experienced team.

We will try to meet the diverse needs for technical input, free play, and emotional processing.

The prerequisite for attending the course is being able to tie a basic knot fluently. Ideally, you’ve also gotten to know some upper body or leg ties, a sense of friction, rope tension, and safety. These aspects will also be repeated and refined in the workshop, however.

We have chosen La Palma, because the beauty of this island, the fire of the volcano, its energy, the salty wind, the deep blue sea and the Canarian sun will fascinate you. La Palma is the fusion of the elements, and the basis for something new. We already organized the first retreat here in 2020, which exceeded all our expectations. The island supported us so much in letting go, and allowing ourselves to be borne by the energy. At the same time, Marlen’s sovereignty and humor, and that of her team, will ground you and guide you through the week.

January 31 to February 05, 2021
(arriving January 30, departing February 06)

Workshop fees:
7 nights (6 days of workshop): 750 euro,
early bird before July 16, 2020: 690 euro

Package price when booking both retreats on La Palma: 650 euro
reductions by request!

Fees for accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals (full board):

depending on accommodation at Finca El Morro between 80,25 euro and 107 euro/day (room & board)

Book your accommodations through Tanja, marlen.assistant@gmail.com!

plus, if applicable, fees for transfer from/to the airport

Location: Finca El Morro, near Las Tricias in the wild Northwest of the Canary Island La Palma: https://fincaelmorro.com/

Info and registration: Tanja, marlen.assistant@gmail.com